I'm Rey, a full-stack web developer. I use the MERN stack, Django, PostgreSQL, and the Jamstack. Other technologies that I use on a regular/semi-regular basis can be found on the Technologies page. I am interested in theoretical computer science, particularly ML and Mathematics.

I was born around 978307200 seconds after the Unix epoch. Being a perfectionist and an aspiring polymath, I like to share what I find interesting and learn everything I can.

Other interests and hobbies (feel free to talk to me about any):

  • Tinkering with Linux systems
  • Speedcubing (Rubik's Cube, sub 30, CFOP + BLD + variations)
  • Physics, Recreational Mathematics, Chess, Crosswords, Puzzles
  • Philosphy (Stoicism), Art, History, Biology, Psychology
  • Reading + Watching Science Fiction
  • Conlangs, Language Learning (Fun fact: I speak 6 languages! (more like 4+0.9+0.5))
  • Personal Knowledge Management
  • Homelab / Self-hosting
  • Comics, Anime, Music, Podcasts, all the usual stuff
  • Making looong lists :)
some things I'm trying to get intosome less important stuff about me


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Last Updated: March 13, 2020